Rentals Polaris

If you are not able to bring your sled to the Chic-Chocs or you want to experience the new 2017 Terrain Dominator, we have a fleet of Polaris Pro-RMK for you to rent, the PRO-RMK is the Ultimate MOUNTAIN KING snowmobile, is having the ability to go places and see possibilities no one else can.

These are the lightest and the most durable RMK ever built with the new AXYS platforme. This new chassis, purpose built for mountain riding, allows for improved sidehilling, faster and easier climbing, and instantaneous lift allowing the sled to pop onto the snow faster.

With the PRO RMK You will be able to ride harder and own the mountain like never before.

Rental fee


330,50$+tx per day

-Oil Included and liability insurance

-Gas NOT include

A security deposit of $3000 (redeemable) will be asked for every snowmobile rental. In case of an accident, part of the amount or the whole amount will be used in order to pay the liability insurance’s deductible and/or property damages originating from overuse or inappropriate use;

Security deposit payable 72 hours before snowmobile rental;

Presence of a guide is mandatory when renting a snowmobile;

Mandatory Reservation: a 20 % deposit of total amount of every booking will be asked when confirmation of the tour will be given